Let's blow it away at The Home Spa Ryunoyu of Spirion G such as Corona Depression~ !

Corona Blue and other Spirion G's home spa Ryunoyu to blow it up~!

★ If it's the same blue, immerse yourself in Spirion Blue[Laughs]

I think that the new coronavirus infection has also entered a new phase.

I say 1 wave 2 wave 3 waves, but due to the nature of the new coronavirus, when I look at the way the world responds, is it something that I am not good enough to see that it is only a short-term coping method?

Professor Shonosuke Yoshikawa's book "Bacteria Strike Back: The Competition for Survival between Humans and Bacteria" (Chūgō Shinsho)The things pointed out in "What is being pointed out in "What is happening now is happening" as a reality.

Competition for the survival of humans and bacteria

To put it simply, the current state of the corona disaster is like that.

In fact, humanity has survived numerous pandemics caused by the plague to this day.
However, the solution to the problem is a Western way of coping, and YES is used for NO,It is a problem solving method from a short-sighted point of view, such as NO to YES, and there is no concept that looks at YES or NO from a bird's-eye view.

01 Thoughts. The so-called zero-sum thinking. (Also known as "binary thinking," "black-and-white thinking," and "0 or 100 thinking.")

So it's like bacteria vs. antibiotics, winning and losing.

Certainly, I think it is necessary to solve problems with this way of thinking.
In fact, we have solved various problems with this stance.

However, can we solve not only the virus problem, but also the problems of politics, society, war, hunger, discrimination, etc. that have been passed down through the centuries with only the 01 ideology?

Why do you bring up such a stiff story here? Speaking of which, isn't it also the case that you fall into corona depression and corona blue because your mind falls into that maze and goes around the same place in a dignified manner?

In terms of brain science and cognitive science, the setting of the integrated gestalt is fixed in blue, and the homeostasis function (homeostasis) tries to maintain it, so it is mentally inseparable. (Sweat)

★ Why don't you relax and grasp the current situation more~

In my case, thanks to you, after I met Spirion G, my mind, mind and body have moved in the direction of liberation.

I'm also a human being, so a lot of things happen every day.

Naturally, there are also joys, angers and sorrows on a par with other people.

However, as long as we live as living organisms (animals), the functions prepared to live must work well in order to be happy, right?

This is true of all of you as human beings.

So, as a body temperature manager Nakajima, why do you express Spirion G activated water as dragon water and tell people that dragon water does not fall into 01 thoughtWater as a triggerThat's why.

Are you being logical?

For me Spirione Active Water is necessary to live a happy lifeExcellent toolThat's because I think so.

This is how my daily life goes.

Brush your teeth with dragon water, wash your face,
Drink the dragon's water,
Please cook with dragon water,
Washed with dragon water,
flush the toilet with dragon water,
Clean with dragon water,
Have a cup of coffee with dragon water,
Sweating dragon,
Soak in the home spa Ryunoyu,
Become the body temperature of a dragon, release stress and go to bed in paradise

It's a bit too much to express, but I wanted people to remember that water is involved in everyday life.

If you don't pay attention to it for a moment, you will forget the appreciation of the existence of water because of the busyness of everyday life.

So, today's theme,Let's turn Corona Blue into Spirion Blue!
That's the story.

Of course, it is not as blue as Longquan Dong, but... (sweat)

It is a blessing to be able to soak in such a hot spring every day at home.


By the way, the principle that activated water looks blue to the human eye is as follows.


How do you usually spend your time during the corona crisis?

It is often said at clinics and the like how to spend time in such a situation, generally be careful of stress, and pay attention to the following three points.

1.Living a regular life even at home
2.Avoiding Sanmu and exercising
3.Talking to someone

Especially in an environment where you spend more time at home, how do you reduce stress damage and avoid falling into the trap of corona blue?

In particular, what I think is important is dialogue with yourself.
It's self-communication. I think it is especially necessary at this time of year to make efforts to fix the Unified Gestalt happy.

Dragon water to the helper at such a time. Remember Spirion G

Is there anything I can do to help you fulfill your wishes?
If you have any minor questions, please feel free to contact us.

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